New Blogging Project: “Church of Christ Celebrities”

Welcome, readers! (If you exist, that is.)

At its core, this blog is an excuse for me to do a bit of lighthearted research and writing on a question of interest to me: do the celebrities who are occasionally linked to Churches of Christ in bulletin articles, random online lists, foyer conversations, and similarly reputable outlets actually have any connection to Churches of Christ, or have we just invented those connections out of whole cloth?

At the same time, I hope that this project can periodically address larger issues related to our movement. How has the public image of Churches of Christ changed in the last half-century or so, for instance? Who have been the most visible members of Churches of Christ, for better or for worse, and what does that say about our connections to American culture more broadly?

I hope to check back in every couple of weeks with a new post, though that’s always subject to change, pending reader interest. In the meantime, check out the “About Me” page for a more in-depth discussion of this project, and let me know if there is a celebrity (or “celebrity,” as the case may be) that you would like me to write about.


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