30. Ken Starr (1946-)

Readers, we've made it to another landmark--thirty entries at the "Church of Christ Celebrities" blog! Thanks for sticking around for this project that I originally started on little more than a whim; it's become much more popular than I could have dreamed, and I hope that it's been a fun (and, perhaps, useful) resource for … Continue reading 30. Ken Starr (1946-)

29. T.S. Stribling (1881-1965)

Thanks for clicking through to our twenty-ninth entry here at the "Church of Christ Celebrities" blog! Over the next two months, with the election season looming (for good or for ill), we will be turning our attention to a number of governmental and political figures (and critics) with possible ties to Churches of Christ. As … Continue reading 29. T.S. Stribling (1881-1965)