12. Savannah Chrisley (1997-)

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Today’s short post finds us leaving the world of politics for that of entertainment as we turn the dial over to USA‘s reality show Chrisley Knows Best. Todd Chrisley, family patriarch and titular best-knower, is also a real estate mogul who made his money in the Atlanta, Georgia area. (1) His daughter Savannah, the subject of today’s entry, is a former beauty pageant competitor, a college student in Nashville, Tennessee, and–at least based on the two whole episodes of the show that I have seen–one of the better-adjusted members of the Chrisley family.


(“Todd and Savannah Chrisley interviewed by RumorFix at KIIS-FM’s Jingle Ball 2014” is licensed under CC BY SA-3.0)

In the finale of the third season of Chrisley Knows Best, Savannah leaves her family in Atlanta and moves to Nashville to begin college. Most of the episode revolves around her brother’s scheme to make money by hosting a concert and party in the backyard of her house, but viewers do briefly see the campus of Lipscomb University, a Churches of Christ-affiliated school, though the school’s name is not mentioned. (2) Given that Savannah periodically references attending church services on her Twitter feed, (3) one could reasonably infer some sort of connection to Churches of Christ.

However, Savannah’s time at Lipscomb appears to have been brief. A June 2016 USA Today interview refers to her as a sophomore at Belmont University–also located in Nashville–not Lipscomb. (4) Too, a People article from earlier that same year mentions that Savannah was transferring from Lipscomb to Belmont with the goal of entering the music business. (5)

It does not seem, then, that there is any real connection between Savannah Chrisley (or, presumably, the Chrisley family) and Churches of Christ, other than her short enrollment at Lipscomb. As with all entries, I am certainly glad to hear additional evidence if you have any, but based on my own research, I’m calling this one BUSTED.

This will be the last entry of 2017, but stay tuned for the return of “Church of Christ Celebrities” in early 2018. Happy holidays to you and yours!



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